Social Events - ColdBeams 2017

On tuesday afternoon the conference outing will take place in or close to Eindhoven.
During the registration proces you will be asked to select an outing and to give a first and second preference.

Outing possiblity 1 - Cycling Tour to Nuenen (Van Gogh Village)

Cycling is a common mode of transportation in the Netherlands. People commute to work by bike and spend their free time in the woods and fields on their bikes. In this active outing we would like you to experience the same. We will gather at the conference location and hop on a bike to go to Nuenen, a neighboring village where famous painter Vincent van Gogh lived for some time. Here you can visit the Van Gogh church and tree and/or have a refreshment in the rustic village center. The tour ends at the conference location (Auditorium).
For more information click here.

Outing possiblity 2 - Strijp-S Industrial Heritage Walk

Strijp-S is a neighborhood of Eindhoven that used to be a major location of the complex of Philips factories that once dominated Eindhoven. Several years ago a redevelopment project started that is aimed at turning this industrial (1920’s) park into a lively residential area. In this outing we will walk around Strijp-S, take a guided tour through its industrial history and have a look at its specific architecture; maybe we’ll stop at a café!
More information can be found here.

Outing possiblity 3 - Van Abbe Museum of Modern Art

The Van Abbe museum is Eindhoven’s museum of modern art. We will get (under guidance) a workshop in which the participants will focus on one thing: identify what they see in an artwork. The museum is renowned for its large collection of works by El Lissitzky, as well as works by e.g. Picasso and Kandinsky. Click here for more information.

Outing possiblity 4 - Philips Museum

The Philips company shaped Eindhoven as a city and has its own museum in the city center, right at the location where Gerard Philips started out in 1891. You will be informed about Philips’ and Eindhoven’s history and can even look at the old incandescent light bulb factory where everything started. The permanent exhibition tells the story of how a small lamp manufacturer grew into a leading global company.
More information can be found here.